Shooting Range

Meeting point: hotel
Price per person for tour in Van:
€ 90
Duration: 2 hours

The price includes: Transfer by van, technical guide, 4 weapons with 31 bullets, refreshment.

Take an unique opportunity and visit us at shooting range! This shooting range  provide enjoyable environment  for visitors and lovers of firearm and target shooting. It is an oldiest indoor shooting range in Bratislava. It has been often visited by foreign tourists not only from Europe but all over the world.

The club is located in an anti-nuclear bunker, what is a very interesting attraction for visitors. In combination with all the safety features it can offer an unobstructed experience of shooting. Shooting Range is designed in order to fire from short small arms and consists of five firing points. Due to manually controlled targets and an ability to adjust them from the firing point, shooter can zoom in and zoom out the target to his desired length up to 25 m independently from the other shooters.

Weapons: pistol 9mmL, revolver,  machine gun scorpion, pistol kal 45A.

Shooting Range

Price: 90 € per person

In case of less than 6 people registered for the tour, the reservation will be cancelled and all payments refunded.

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