Panoramic tour with bunker visit

Meeting point: hotel
Price per person for tour in Van:
€ 65
Duration: 3 hours

The price includes: Panoramic city tour by car/ bus, English speaking guide, entrance fee to military bunker BS-4 Lány.

At first we will take you to the suburbs of Bratislava, near Slovak and Austrian borders,   which is a home of majestic bunkers, part of huge Czechoslovac fortification system. Interior comprises original parts of the bunkers accessories and devices, including weapons, special weapon systems, fortress turrets, and other interesting military material.

This authentic Museum of pre-war Czechoslovac Republic and its masterpiece fortification system built  three years before a foot of Adolf Hitler stand on Czechoslovac grounds and began the second World War.

The Czechoslovak fortification Museum was opened in 2011.  The aim of the Museum is to educate visitors in the fortification subject, our pre-war history, and the situation before the Second World War. The museum is a voluntary project which was created as the initiative of a long time friends.

Later, you will visit the Soviet World War II memorial Slavin and you can observe wonderful panoramic view of Bratislava at the same time.

Panoramic tour with the bunker visit

Price: 65 € per person

In case of less than 6 people registered for the tour, the reservation will be cancelled and all payments refunded.

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